Francisco Gazitua
Born in Santiago, Chile, September 1944

2007 Associate Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in the area of Fine in replacement of the sculptor Lyn Chadwick Arts.
2017 – Patron of Hamstead School of arts London, founded by his first Patron the sculptor Henry Moore
2018- Member of Chilean accademy of fine arts

Primary and secondary education at the SSCC School, Santiago, Chile
BA Philosophy at the Catholic University of Chile
BA Sculpture at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile
BA Fine Arts with a Major in Sculpture at the Catholic University of Chile Postgraduate in Sculpture at Advanced course St. Martin’s School of Arts, London.

Assistant to:
Sculptor Marta Colvin (1969) and Samuel Román (1974-1977) in Chile;
UK worked with the sculptors Antony Caro,Tim Scott (1978-1979) and Phillip King (1980-1983); and in 1991-1992, in Croatia, apprenticed in wood carving under the master luthier Ottavio Stocovak; basket weaving with the master Andrés Poblete (2003).

Taught college-level sculpture at the Catholic University of Chile (1968), University of Chile (1969-1973),

(1978-1985), Saint Martin’s School of Art London England, City Lit School of Arts, London (1983-1985, England), Visiting Professor, Royal College of Art (1984, London, England), Teacher at the School of Sculpture in Marble of Kornarija-Istra (1980-2003, Yugoslavia) and at Atelier Livre, Portoalegre, Brazil.

Taught stone masonry and carving at Escuela Taller Santiago. Head of the Sculpture Department at Universidad Finis Terrae (1996-1999, Santiago, Chile). After thirty-five years of teaching, he continues to work with postgraduate students in his studio in Pirque. Today, he teaches through the workshops and symposia he organizes and participates in, in Chile and other countries in the world.

He was a Demonstrating Professor in Seattle, USA at the World Meeting of the Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA) 2005. He also participated as demonstrating professor in the 2006 symposium at the British Artist Blacksmiths’ Association (BABA) in Ironbridge, England.

Symposia and Workshops
Yugoslavia (Formaviva, Portoroz, 1989, and Kornarija, 1985-1989)
England (Oxford Sculpture Project, Oxford, 1983)
Venezuela (Symposium of Art Education in Ibero-America and the Caribbean – UNESCO, Caracas, 1990)
Germany (Berlin Stahl Workshop ’92), Brazil (Atelier Livre – Portoalegre, 1994)
Argentina (Resistencia-Chaco, Wood Sculpture Competition, 1994)
United States (Ice Sculpture Competition, Milwaukee; 1995)
Costa Rica (First Symposium on Wood Sculpture, Alajuela; 1996)

Organized and participated in six symposia-workshops, including:
Patio de América U. Católica sede Maule (1986)
Isla Negra homage to Pablo Neruda (1988)
CAP Parque Forestal Sculptures (1989)
Steel in Sculpture (1990)
Iron Sculpture (1991)
Unesco Ibero-American Symposium (1992)
Appointed cultural ambassador to Antarctica in 1994, where he produced a monumental ice sculpture on an iceberg.
Advised Galeria Artespacio in 1997 in connection with the International Symposium on Marble Sculpture at Ciudad Empresarial, where he also participated.
Participated in the International Symposium of Sculpture in Wood (Alajuela, Costa Rica, 1997), International Symposium on Sculpture at Rachana (Lebanon, 1999), International Symposium on Sculpture Using Poured Concreted (Parque Los Colonos, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2002), Art Below Sea Level Symposium, Kinderijk, The Netherlands.
Advised Galeria Artespacio in the Second International Symposium of Sculpture in Steel at Ciudad Empresarial (2000) and in the Third Symposium of Sculpture in Stone –Granite (2003), Ciudad Empresarial, participating in both. International Symposium on Sculpture using Concrete, Ciudad Empresarial, Santiago, Chile, (2006). Member of the jury at Biennale del Chaco, Argentina.

Conference and exhibition (2009) “The Strategy of Form” Marco-Monterrey Museum together with Lily Kassner, Karen Wilkin and Antony Caro.

Monumental Sculptures
Highlights of large-scale sculptures for public works include:
1970 – Virgin, Benedictine Abbey, Santiago (Marta Colvin, Santiago, Chile);
1979 – Marble Sculpture at Portoroz (Formaviva, Slovenia)
1980 – Marble sculpture, (Kornarija, Croatia);
1982 – Stone Sculpture, Oxford (Cherwell Upper school, England);
1986 – Stone sculpture, Patio de América, U. Católica Sede Maule (Chile);
1987 – Steel sculpture, Parque Forestal, (Santiago, Chile);
1988 – Granite sculpture, Pablo Neruda Foundation, Isla Negra (Chile);
1989 – Stone and steel sculpture Fincard, Santiago (Chile);
1990 – Granite and iron sculpture-gates, Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Congress in Valparaiso (Chile);
1991 – Monumental iron sculpture, Ferro-Escultura FF.CC. (Chile) – Stone sculpture, “Bench for Banco Security Decora” in Santiago (Chile) – Stone and steel sculpture, Sigdo Kopers building, Santiago (Chile);
1992 – Stone sculpture, “Monument to Gabriela Mistral” Américo Vespucio Park, Santiago (Chile); – In memoriam wall sculpture and four granite sculptures, Santiago General Cemetery; – Forged steel sculpture, Industria IPAC (Chile);
1988-1994 – Monumental wooden sculpture showing the holy family, Cochabamba (Bolivia);
1994 – Sculpture on an iceberg, Drake Sea (Antarctica); – Large ephemeral ice sculpture, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (USA)
1995 – Steel sculpture, “Willow of the Maule”, University of Talca (Chile)
– Granite sculpture, Alameda, Rancagua (Chile)
– Monumental steel sculpture, Santiago International Airport, Santiago (Chile);
1996 – Monumental granite “Hito de Artespacio”, Santiago (Chile); – Didactic sculpture “Table of Matter” National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago (Chile);
– Monumental steel sculpture Claudio Arrau Fountain, Chillán (Chile);
– Steel sculpture, Ciudad Empresarial, Santiago (Chile);
1997 – Stone Sculpture “Mountains of Chile Fountain”, Santiago Marriott Hotel, Santiago (Chile);
– Stone and Copper Sculpture, Minera Radomiro Tomic, Calama (Chile);
– Steel sculpture Compañía Chilena de Tabacos, Avda. El Bosque, Santiago (Chile);
– Marble sculpture, Rachana (Lebanon);
– Stone sculpture Ericsson Building, Santiago (Chile);
1998-2000 – Steel sculpture “Rueda de Larmahue”, Mirador Interactive Museum, Santiago (Chile)
– Granite Sculptural Complex “Fountain for the Young” Pedro de Valdivia Park, Santiago (Chile);
-Wooden sculpture, Collection of the Banco Nacional, Alajuela (Costa Rica);
– Sculptural Mural “Moldes para el Ferrocarril”, Mirador Interactive Museum, Santiago (Chile);
2000 – Monumental concrete sculpture, Los Colonos Park, Guadalajara (Mexico); – Steel sculpture “Bridge to Kiev”, Los Héroes subway station, Metro S.A., Alameda, Santiago (Chile);
2001 – Sculpture “The Andes”, Humlegarden Park, Stockholm (Sweden); – Steel Sculpture “Esmeralda II”, Nuestra Señora del Rosario Park and Ave. Kennedy, Las Condes, Santiago (Chile);
– Granite sculpture “Homage to Emerson”, Américo Vespucio, Santiago (Chile);
– Steel sculpture, “Guadalajara Horse”, Faculty of Architecture, University of Guadalajara (Mexico);
2002 – Two steel sculptures, “Horses of Los Angeles”, Los Angeles (Chile).
2003 – Steel sculpture, “El Bebedor de los Vientos”, Anakena Vineyards, Requinoa, Chile.
2004 – Steel sculpture, Airport Version II, Santiago International Airport, Santiago (Chile).
– Granite sculpture, “Stone of 4 gazes”, Sculpture Bridge, Santiago, (Chile)
2005 -Steel sculpture, “Barca Volante”, City Place Toronto (Canada).
2006 – Granite sculpture “Pre-Columbian Flute”, University of Talca (Chile) – Steel and Granite Sculpture “Rosa Nautica”, City Place, Toronto (Canada).
– Two steel sculptures “Lengas de Acero”, Apoquindo Avenue, Santiago de (Chile)
2009 – Steel sculpture “Art Canopy”, The Esplanade, Toronto, Canada
– Monarch Liberty Village – Group of sculptures in steel and stone, Toronto, (Canada)
2010 – Absolute development, “Buen Amigo” 3 sculptural horses. Mississauga, (Canada)
2011 – Perpetual Motion, CanAlfa Development Liberty Village Toronto (Canada) Village Canalfa Toronto, Canada Monumento a don Francisco Valdes Subercaseaux, Pucon, Chile
2010 – Luz” Toronto, (Canadá). Concord 2013 “Split rock gap” Liberty Village Canalfa Toronto, Canada
2014 “Caballo de Lo Barnechea” Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile “Arte de Pájaros” Escuela de Ingeniería Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
2015 Conjunto escultórico “Puertas de Chicureo” Santiago, Chile Conjunto escultórico “Black & Knight” Calgary, Canada. “Mesa Jardinera” Huelquien, Chile
2016 “Buques de Los Vilos”, Los Vilos Chile Reinstalación “Caleuche” Universidad Austral de Chile, Puerto Montt, Chile.
2017 “Rueda del Maule”, Universidad de Talca, Talca, Chile “Bancas escultóricas” Templo Bahai, Chile

Main Exhibitions
1977 – “New Chilean Painters and Sculptors”, Las Condes Institute of Culture, Santiago (Chile). – One man show, “Sculpture and Drawing”, Chilean-British Institute of Culture, Santiago (Chile).
1978 – Visual Art. British Council Portland Place (London, England).
1979 – “St. Martin’s at Camden Institute”, London (England). – “St. Martin’s at the Polytechnic of North London” (England).
1982 – “Sculpture in the Garden Woodstock”, Oxford (England).
1983 – “Sculpture from the Body”, Woodlands Arts Gallery, London (England). – “Sculpture from the Body”, Tate Gallery, London (England, 1984) .
Cartwright Hall Bradford (England, 1985).Castle Howard Yorkshire (England, 1985).Robinson College (England, 1985).
1986 – Exhibition. Parque Forestal “Concurso CAP”, Santiago (Chile).
1989 – One man show, “Sculptures from the body”, Galería Plástica Nueva, Santiago (Chile).
1992 – Exhibition “Begegnung Mit Den Anderen”, Kassel (Germany).
1992-94 – Exhibition “Abstrakte Stahlskulptur” Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Bürgerfoyer des Sächsischen Landtags in Dresden,Kunsthalle, Mannheim, Museum of Bochum, Foyer des Carl-Orff-Saals, München and Museum of the City of Bad Herzfeld (Germany).
1993 – One man show, Sculpture Park, Santiago (Chile).
1994 – Exhibition Atelier Livre, Portoalegre (Brazil).
– Resistencia-Chaco Exhibition (Argentina).
– Exhibition DeLind Fine Art Gallery, Milwaukee Wisconsin (United States).
1995 – One man show, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago (Chile). – One-man show, University of Talca, Talca (Chile).
1996 – Exhibition of Sculpture on Wood, Santa Maria Palace, Alajuela (Costa Rica).
– One man show, University of Talca (Chile)
– 50 years of sculpture in Chile, Mapocho Station, Santiago (Chile).
– Stone sculpture, CTC Building, Santiago (Chile)
– International Sculpture, Contemporary Art Gallery, Guadalajara (Mexico).
– Small format sculpture, Antonio de Almeida Foundation, Lisbon (Portugal). 2000
– One man show “Stone”, Artespacio Gallery, Santiago (Chile).
– “Sculptures 2000” Américo Vespucio Avenue, Santiago (Chile).
– One man show “Steel Ships”, Artespacio Gallery, Santiago (Chile). 2001
– “The Spiral of Life”, Telefonica Foundation Gallery, Santiago (Chile).
– “Sculpture in the Plaza” Plaza de Armas, Santiago (Chile). 2001
– “What we are”, University of Concepción, Casa del Arte, Concepción (Chile).
– “What We Are”, Pedro Olmos Gallery, University of Talca, Talca (Chile).
– “What we are”, Central Courtyard, Centre for Continuing Education, Catholic University, Santiago (Chile).
2003 – One man show “Steel Horses”, Artespacio Gallery, Santiago (Chile).
2006 – One man show “Tierra del Fuego: trees with no shadow”, Galería Artespacio, Santiago (Chile)
2008 – One man show Bodegón Cultural de los Vilos, in Los Vilos, Chile.
2009 – One man show “Black and White”. Galería Artespacio, Santiago (Chile)

Prizes and awards
1967-68 – British Council Scholarship to study Sculpture in London.
1968-69 – Scholarship renewed.
1986 – First CAP Competition of Open Air Sculpture”, Santiago (Chile).
1991 – Research Fellowship in Sculpture, FONDEC, Santiago (Chile).
1992 – British Council Scholarship to work in London in the Studio of the sculptor Tim Scott.
1993-95 – Research Fellowship in Forged Steel, Industria IPAC, Santiago (Chile).
1994-95 – Andes Foundation Fellowship for Research in Sculpture, Santiago (Chile).
1994 – First Prize, La Tercera Competition for a Monumental Sculpture for Santiago’s International Airport, Santiago (Chile).
1995 – First Prize, International Ice Sculpture Competition, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (EEUU).
– Sculpture Research Fellowship, Corpora (Chile).
– First Prize, Las Tacas Stone Sculpture Competition, Las Tacas (Chile)
1996 – Prize, Monumental sculpture competition, Ciudad Empresarial, Santiago (Chile).
1997 – First Prize, Stone Sculpture Competition for Minera Radomiro Tomic, Calama (Chile).
– First prize, Sculpture for CTC Building, Santiago (Chile).
1998 – First Prize, Granite Sculpture Ericsson Building, Santiago – First prize, granite sculpture, “The Andes”. Humlegarden, Stockholm (Sweden)
1999 – First Prize, Project “Fountain of the Young”, group of eight granite sculptures, Pedro de Valdivia park, Santiago (Chile).
2003 – First Prize, Six monumental sculptures, Public Art for City Place, International Competition, Toronto (Canada).
2004 – Municipal Art Prize, Visual Arts, Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, Santiago (Chile).
– Critics’ Choice Prize, Visual Arts, Association of Art Critics, Santiago, (Chile).
– Marco Bontá Prize, Chilean Academy of fine Arts, Santiago (Chile).
2005 – Prize, “Bridge of Sculpture,” Santiago (Chile).
2005 – First prize competition for the execution of the sculpture “Rosa Nautica”, CityPlace, Toronto (Canada)
2007 – Associate member of the Academie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux Arts of Belgium, in replacement of the British sculptor Lynn Chadwick.
2007 – First price in competition for the execution of the sculpture Art Canopy, Toronto (Canada)
2009 – First prize design of “Bridge of Sculpture”, Toronto (Canada)

1983 “Academic Evaluation of the School of Sculpture”, in catalogue Kornarija, International Summer Sculpture School organized by “Coastal Galleries” Piran, Yugoslavia.
1987 Academic evaluation of the symposium in catalogue 1º Primer Simposio Internacional de Escultura en homenaje a Pablo Neruda, Isla Negra, Chile.
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2006 Teaching legacy of Marta Colvin, Juguete Nuevo (ed.)
2009 – Coauthor together with Pedro E. Zamorano and Claudio Corte “Spanish- American Sculpture, The Chilean Case”. Fondecit Project. Referents in books and catalogues, see the book Francisco Gazitua Sculptures, Artespacio (ed). Website, National Museum of Fine Arts

1970-1973 Teacher at Casa de la Cultura de El Teniente in charge of copper sculpture craftsmanship workshops, agreement between the University of Chile and Sociedad Minera El Teniente.
1980 – 2003 Founding Professor, together with the sculptor Carlos Lizariturri, of the Kornarija School of Marble Sculpture. By agreement between the British Council (London), St. Martin’s School of Art (London) and the Sculpture Authority of the Yugoslavian Government. Under the terms of this agreement a school was founded that has been in operation for 23 years, with over 300 professional and student sculptors from over 30 countries in the world passing through its doors. Its faculty includes notable stone sculptors such as Masayuki Nagaze, Janez Lenassi, and Cail Morris.
1985-2003 In Chile he has organized and participated in nine international symposiums of sculpture. The first was in Patio de América, Huilquilemu, University of Talca. The fifth UNESCO Symposium, at La Perrera, Santiago, Chile, brought together the most outstanding sculptors in Latin America and the Caribbean with the attendance of 130 sculptors of whom 37 are world class practitioners. Also present were over 200 students from different art schools in the country. Thanks to this initiative, Chile has 130 large sculptures in public spaces and private collections.
1990-1995 Collaborates with Nemesio Antúnez at the National Museum of Fine Arts, responsible for the sculpture department in the Museum’s advisory committee. He organizes numerous exhibitions and collaborates with the Ministry of Education in the writing of the conditions to participate for the FONDART cultural projects. Law of the 1% (Nemesio Antúnez Commission) and Law of Cultural Donations.
1990-1995 Founded the quarry crafts branch of Escuela Taller de Santiago (training school for the recovery of traditional crafts and skills).
1995-2003 Ten-year project that involves a reassessment of the South American territory from the cultural point of view, with the installation of works of art in the landscape.
North: Atacama desert.
South: Patagonia Antarctica.
East: The Andes.
West: The Pacific and its islands.
Realized: crossing of the Andes.
1996-1999 Founded the Department of Sculpture of Finis Terrae University and takes on the position of Professor of Sculpture.
2000-2006 At present, he is visiting professor at Finis Terrae University. 2007 Associate Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in the area of Fine in replacement of the sculptor Lyn Chadwick Arts. 2017 – Patron of Hamstead School of arts London Founded by his first Patron the sculptor Henry Moore 2018- Member of Chilean accademy of fine arts