Bridges, their planning and construction, have always been the private domain of the engineer. What can one say about a sculptor working in this field?
This is the question that I seek to answer in this22 small-format sculptures of imaginative bridges made from steel, stone and wood, crafted over three years in my workshop in Chile. One of the sculptures would become a real, life-sized project, built in Toronto, Canada," Puente de Luz" while others sought to deepen my understanding of the theme.
In the stage of the gestation of the project I operated as a sculptor, which is to say I studied the fundamental, internal form of the structure, and the well understood skeletons and armatures of several common things:
A horse is a bridge that walks on 4 points of contact on the ground.
A boat is a bridge that moves over the water.
A stone arch is a bridge that exists due to its own weight.
A suspension bridge has a thousand entrances and exits and moves upon a central axis.
A fish is a bridge of elastic structure whose support pillars constantly change in the water.
A drawbridge is a door that closes by lifting itself up.
A feather is a bridge between the wind and flight, but the internal structure of a feather has its interior, arches, saw blades and swords.
A paddle is a bridge between an arm and the water.
A rainbow is a bridge of light.
Puente de Luz - 2009/2012 - Steel - 5 x 100 x 5 mts - Toronto, Canada