STEEL SHIPS (1998 – 2007)

The sculptural steel boats of this collection relate to the maritime territory of Chile, Valparaíso and the southern Pacific, Cape de Horn, Antartica; it olso draws influence from Lord Cochrane (the Southern Cross), Chakelton, (Endurance y James Caired)

Arturo Prat (the Esmeralda), as well as Verne, Salgari, Mistral, Neruda D. H. Lawrence and Melville: the Nautilius, El Rayo, "Daugther of the Will of the Sea," the el Pequod, "The ship of the dead" and the Hernando de Magellan, the New Victoria. All of these ships navigated under the night sky, bellow the southern cross.

  Beagle / Forged Steel / 2007 / 1.80 x 1.50. x 80